I offer this video for your perusal and pray it brings back memories which were shared as we grew up when men of stamina and bravery who fought in the first war were still about to speak of their exploits.

Alas, time has moved on, and we must now rely on small productions like this to remind us of those times gone by.

In the not-too-distant future, someone may (will) make a video of exploits of our experiences in war and conflicts dedicated to our own stoicism and deeds following in those footsteps of those who came before us.

I dedicate this video to ALL those millions who served (were killed or maimed) their nations in times of conflict whether led by corrupt megalomaniacs or those that opposed them.

It’s recommended the use of a full screen will give the best viewing.

I Pray you all doing well and had a good and thoughtful day.

My kindest regards

Hans-Joachim (John or Speedie) SAHARIV


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