A few thoughts on AUSTRALIA DAY.

From Brian Vickery

Australia Day

Hooray, Hooray, Australia Day.

it’s far more than just a holiday,

some have far too much to say,

wishing for the government to pay,

for an imagined invasion affray,

their aim to convert the gullible, eh.

Wisely the wise are not prepared to play,

however, the woke still wish to pray,

for their drive to change the world,

and not salute the flag unfurled,

by confusing the public about the date,

and denouncing the unique term ‘Mate’.

Stand tall, feel proud, fellow Aussie,

get out there with your mates in your Aussie cossie,

light up the barbecue, throw on the lamb,

welcome your brothers/sisters – all join the jam,

kind thoughts, Aussie flag and beers your only memory,

and let’s keep the date of the 26th of January.


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