By Alex Antic

Australia! You have been warned.

Net zero makes about as much sense as setting yourself on fire … and the Europeans are only just coming to terms with this inconvenient truth.

After shutting down their coal-fired power plants (and becoming totally reliant on Russian gas), Europe is now teetering on the verge of shutdown and blackouts.

Due to high energy prices:

  1. Steel blast furnaces across Europe are shutting down.
  2. European fertiliser production is massively down.
  3. People across central Europe are chopping down centuries-old trees in forests to heat their homes and cook their food.
  4. Pubs and restaurants across Europe are using candles to reduce their energy consumption.
  5. The Swiss government is threatening prison for those who use too much gas and have asked people to shower together to reduce energy consumption.
  6. Sales of electric heaters in Germany have increased ten-fold as people fret about how they will heat their homes over winter.
  7. All public buildings, shopping centres, cinemas, theatres, rail stations and airports in Spain must limit heating to a peak of 19C and air conditioning to a low of 27C.
  8. British pubs are facing increases in energy bills of around 500 per cent – which could lead to 20-pound (~$35AUD) pints at the bar.
  9. France is shutting down public swimming pools due to surging heating costs.
  10. Aluminium smelters are closing right across the continent, including in France and Slovakia.

How could anyone looking at all this think it’s a good idea for Australia to go down the very same path?

Aussie power prices have tripled over the past year or so.

We’ve posted record manufacturing job losses.

It makes you wonder where all this madness will end.

But thankfully there is a glimmer of light, from the continent that is at the current epicentre of the global energy crisis.

Congratulations to the proud nation of Italy for electing an anti-woke crusader – Giorgia Meloni – as their new Prime Minister.

Meloni wants to address the energy crisis by increasing the supply of fossil fuels and nuclear power, and she won’t be bullied into submission.

Australia must follow suit.

We need new coal-fired power plants.

We must legalise nuclear power.

Let’s throw all our energy into boosting our defence, revitalising our manufacturing industries, and bringing jobs back to Australia.


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  • R Spragg October 5, 2022   Reply →

    Hi. I have been saying for years that Australia should be using nuclear (like many other countries) power. I just hope that someone has the balls to start moving towards nuclear NOW and even then it is nearly too late.!!!!!

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