6000 people in the middle of the ocean

Many people consider the modern supercarrier a “city at sea”. This is undoubtedly correct, with between 5,000 and 6,000 people relaxing, working, eating, and sleeping on board for months. But life on board an aircraft carrier is unquestionably arduous and exhausting. Still, it can also be thrilling, particularly for the men and women who work on the flight deck, flying and landing jets on a sliver of the runway. It’s unlike anywhere else on the planet, for better or worse. An aircraft carrier is a ship with a flight deck, which serves as a runway for aircraft at the most basic level. An aircraft carrier is one of the strongest assets an army can have. Carriers can reach speeds of more than 35 knots (40 mph, 64 kph), allowing them to travel across the ocean in weeks. Carrier groups are currently stationed across the world, ready to deploy at any time. When the US Navy wants to make a big impression on someone, it sends them aboard one of its gigantic aircraft carriers. It’s not only the size of a supercarrier that impresses; it’s the frantic scene on its flight deck. When the crew is fully operational, it can launch or land a plane every 25 seconds, taking up a fraction of the space needed on a standard landing strip. How do they work in the middle of the ocean?


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