Ex-service organisations (ESOs) are encouraged to apply for a share of
$4.551 million funding through the Building Excellence in Support and Training (BEST) grants program.

Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Matt Keogh said applications for grants are now open and encouraged ESOs that provide compensation and/or wellbeing advocacy services to veterans and families to apply.

“ESOs play a vital role in supporting the veteran community, providing localised services and support to current and former serving personnel,” Minister Keogh said.

“This Australian Government funding will support ESOs provide advocacy services, to ensure veterans are receiving accurate advice and assistance about claims, entitlements and services.”

Grant funding awarded through the BEST grants program, managed by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, must be used for covering costs relating to advocacy services, and is available to all ESOs that provide this type of support.

“Having advocates who are Advocacy Training and Development Program qualified, providing support to veterans means claims can be submitted at a faster rate, and to a high standard. When claims are submitted with all required documentation, it ultimately means veterans get the help they need faster,” Minister Keogh said.

“By applying for a BEST grant, ESOs can continue to provide essential services to the veteran community.”

Applications are now open, and will close at 9.00 pm AEDT on 23 February 2023. For more information about the program, including information on how to apply, visit grants.gov.au.


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  • Peter charles joseph Pola January 18, 2023   Reply →

    This so-called minister is coming out with funds for future claims yet has not been able to handle present and past outstanding claims. I recently helped a fellow vietnam vet to write a letter to this bloke and his local member about a ramp built on his home which was erected after a 12 month wait out of rehab. the ramp, unpainted was erected for wheelchair or mobile service to enter with a 6 inch drop into the house.
    As of a further 6 weeks nothing has beenn done to eradicate this problem they have not even provided a parachute to get off the bloody ramp. The vet is also afraid of repercussions as he has not got any paperwork to show council approval. This so called minister is so busy beating his chest about monies for the future instead of looking after the past vets who are still being hassled and ignored or purposely being mistreated. I understand this article is passed on to inform vets of useful information but not feather his own bloody useless nest. there is enough propaganda being spread in this country without his contribution

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