1RAR Brisbane Anzac Day 2023

These are the current Brisbane ANZAC Day details as they currently stand for those marching with the 1RAR Association.

Post-March Function:

The 1RAR Association has not organised a post-march function this year as the organisers and the vast majority of past function attendees will be in Canberra for the Somalia 30 year reunion.

If anyone is prepared to organise or nominate a venue for get together let please let Andrew Skinner know so that he can spread the word.

Buggy Transport:

If you require buggy transport for the Brisbane Anzac Day March, please email Andrew at [email protected]  and he will email you a request form.

March FUP:

This year 1 RAR’s FUP is at the corner of George and Charlotte streets at 1015 am, look for the 1 RAR banner.

I will keep you updated on any changes in the lead-up to ANZAC Day 2023.

Andrew Skinner


[email protected]

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