1RAR Association Welcome Letter from President Jim Master, OAM

Welcome Letter from President Jim Master, OAM

Dear 1 RAR Veterans,

1 RAR, in conjunction with the 1 RAR Association is planning to mark the 75th Anniversary of the formation of the Battalion during the period 14-17 Oct 20. All those who served with the Battalion in peace and war are invited. This includes wives, partners and descendants of 1RAR veterans.

The CO and RSM and all ranks of 1RAR are keen to turn on a traditional 1RAR Reunion for such a significant anniversary. This year makes it especially significant with a combined parade of the three foundation battalions of The Royal Australian Regiment. The number of times this has occurred in the last 75 years can be counted on one hand!

The main effort is celebrating the Birthday of the Battalion.

Key aspects for the reunion are:

  • The 1st Tour South Vietnam Memorial will have been relocated to Coral Lines, and restoration work carried out, prior to October and a re-dedication service will be held. The memorial will be placed alongside the 2nd Tour South Vietnam Memorial. This service will be of great significance to our South Vietnam 1st Tour Veterans and as many of us as possible should attend this to honour their service and sacrifice.
  • It happens to be the 20th anniversary of the 1RAR Group deploying to East Timor. 1 RAR-75 will be a great opportunity for those veterans to get together and catch up at the 1 RAR-75 Dinner at the Ville, or have a get together on one of the nights that there is no planned activity (Friday or Saturday night)
  • It is also 10 years since 1RAR (Mentoring and Reconstruction Task Force (MRTF) – 2) returned from Afghanistan. 1RAR- 75 will be an ideal occasion for those veterans to catch up too.

Present estimate of the cost is:

  • $20 for registration for all events, other than the Thursday evening 1RAR Association Function at The Ville Resort and Casino
  • + $30 if you would also like to use the busses for movement to Lavarack Barracks and back (see bus stops here before selecting your hotel if you want to use the busses)
  • + $70 for the big 1RAR Association Function at The Ville Resort and Casino on Thursday night
  • = Or if your all-in for the week will cost $120. We’ll aim to keep costs as low as possible. If we can secure a grant from DVA the $120 will come down.

Registration is essential as we have events inside Lavarack Barracks or there is a cost for busses or some catering, or all three! Details of when registration will commence will be notified on the 1RAR Association website. We’ll open registration after ANZAC Day.

The website is the only place you will get accurate information about 1RAR-75. The 1 RAR Facebook Page and the BB1 Facebook Page will provide links to our website for any updates. It would be worth rechecking at the end of each month leading up to October. We’ll highlight the key changes to note.

The 75th Anniversary of the formation of 1 RAR is a significant event for 1RAR, the 1RAR Association and all those who served with the Battalion in Peace and War. The Battalion and the Association are attempting to mark the significance of this in the most appropriated manner.

I hope many veterans and their partners can make it to Townsville. October is great weather and there is so much to see and do as Townsville grows every year. It would be worth making it a bit of holiday if you can.

Yours sincerely,
Jim Masters, OAM
1RAR Association

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