3797884 LTCOL George Giummarra RFD – RAE

 2nd May 1945 – 3rd November 2021

It is my sad duty to inform you of the passing of George Giummarra.

George’s health battle with a brain tumour for which he underwent surgery in February 2021 and ongoing treatment but despite the wonderful care provided regretfully George succumbed to the disease on 3rd November 2021 and passed with his loving family by his side.

In 1970 George was part of the National Service intake and then remained in the Defence Force within the Reserve – some of the Units George served with were

7 FER (1971-1983), 3 TRG GP (1984-1988), 22 Construction Regiment/6 ENGR GP (1989-1995). George was discharged in December 1995 with the rank of LTCOL – he held the Command Appointment as Commanding Officer of 22nd Construction Regiment 1989 – 1992.

He was awarded the RFD and also is a recipient of the prestigious Blamey Award.

George is survived by his wife Sue and children Cindie and Victoria and our thoughts and condolences are extended to them and all family members at this very difficult and sad time.

Funeral arrangements are to be finalised and will be advised as per the family notices.

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  • June Roe November 5, 2021  

    Hello there,

    I’m not sure how you obtain your information regarding deceased veterans but I am very interested to finding out. I have been a volunteer with Sydney Legacy for more than 15 years. Our city office for many years were notified of the wives and/or partners of deceased veterans.
    For a few years now DVA ceased notifying Legacy Office of widows/widowers names that we could and would assist. On many occassions staff have tried to rectify this anomaly by approaching DVA directly.
    If you feel you might be able to be of any assistance in this regard, please acknowledge this email with further contact information with the view of discussing same.
    L/June Roe
    [email protected]

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