Beijing Media Calls for Quadrupling China’s Nuclear Weapons as US Continues Encirclement

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19:22 GMT 08.05.2020

In a Friday op-ed, Global Times editor-in-chief Hu Xijin called for China to quadruple its nuclear weapons stockpile from 260 to 1,000 weapons amid unprecedented pressure by the United States. In recent years, Washington has declared reversing China’s rise and undermining the Chinese Communist Party its primary geostrategic goals.

‘Peaceful Coexistence Cannot be Begged For’

“China needs to expand the number of its nuclear warheads to 1,000 in a relatively short time,” Hu wrote in a Friday op-ed in the Global Times. “It needs to have at least 100 Dongfeng-41 strategic missiles. We are a peace-loving nation and have committed to never being the first to use nuclear weapons, but we need a larger nuclear arsenal to curb US strategic ambitions and impulses toward China.”

The journalist urged Beijing not to be indifferent toward the strategic value of simply possessing nuclear bombs, which can serve as deterrents. The Federation of American Scientists estimated in 2015 that the People’s Republic of China has 260 nuclear weapons.

“Don’t be naïve. Don’t assume that nuclear warheads are useless. In fact, they are being used every day as a deterrent to shape the attitudes of US elites toward China. Some Chinese experts say we don’t need more nuclear weapons, I think they are as naïve as children,” Hu said.

Hu urged that contrary to critics of his suggestion, the label of “warmonger” should instead be applied to US politicians “who are openly hostile to China.”

“Peaceful coexistence between the two countries is not a thing that can be begged for; it’s shaped by strategic tools. This is particularly true as we are facing an increasingly irrational US, which only believes in strength. We don’t have much time debating the need for increased nuclear warheads, we just need to accelerate the steps that make it happen,” Hu said.

The US Aims to Hem China In

Hu’s words come as the US moves to station missiles and bombers just off the East Asian coast, near a string of islands Beijing calls the First Island Chain. The formation includes not only hotly contested Taiwan and nearby islands, but also Japan, Borneo, the Philippines, and the Kuril Islands.

In March, the US Marine Corps pitched a reprioritization toward long-range missiles to the Senate Armed Services Committee, with the intention of combining them with rapidly deployed expeditionary forces to set up “no-go zones” on islands early in a military campaign against China.

“A ground-based anti-ship missile capability will provide anti-ship fires from land as part of an integrated naval anti-surface warfare campaign,” the Corps said in a letter to lawmakers obtained by Defense News. “This forward-deployed and survivable capability will enhance the lethality of our naval forces and will help to deny our adversaries the use of key maritime terrain.”

While some of those weapons include anti-ship missiles launched by air and sea, they also include a new development of the Tomahawk cruise missiles modified for surface launch, which have a roughly 1,000-mile range and would be fired by the Aegis Ashore radar system. The land-based “Maritime Strike Tomahawk” isn’t expected to be operational until 2023, but Russia especially has expressed ire at the mere development of the weapon.

Defense Department conducts a flight test of a ground-launched cruise missile at San Nicolas Island, California, 18 August 2019

However, one of the Aegis Ashore sites intended for construction in the Japanese city of Akita was dropped by the Defense Ministry on Wednesday due to heavy opposition by locals, according to Kyodo News Agency. It’s unclear when Tokyo will select another site or where that will be.

Until last August, such ground-based missiles were banned by the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty the US signed with Russia, but within weeks of that treaty being allowed to lapse by Washington, the Pentagon was testing missiles that violated the treaty’s prescriptions.

This is in line with the Pentagon’s conclusions in the 2018 Nuclear Posture Review, which argued the rise of China and return of Russia as world powers capable of challenging American hegemony heralded a “return to Great Power competition.”

The INF Treaty was drawn up in 1987 to address the severe danger of war created by the US basing Pershing II intermediate-range ballistic missiles in Europe with the ability to reach Moscow in just six to eight minutes. With such little time to react, the possibility of misreading a false alarm and ordering a nuclear response was palpable – as very nearly happened during the hyper-realistic Able Archer NATO war games in 1983.

The basing of such missiles close to China revives this imminent danger.

‘Peace on More Favorable Terms’

Chinese military experts quoted in another article by the Global Times on Friday noted that US policy toward nuclear weapons differs greatly from China’s. While Beijing has just a few hundred weapons and maintains a “no first use” pledge, Washington has more than 5,000 nuclear weapons and has never held to that logic. Indeed, the US is the only country to have ever used nuclear weapons in war, when it killed hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians in the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945.

But more than that, the Trump administration has developed a new type of nuclear weapon with a smaller explosive yield, the W76-2, which nuclear deterrence scholar Andrew Facini called in an article in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists a “low-yield, high risk” device.

Last June, the US Joint Chiefs of Staff accidentally published an unclassified document that made the case for using nuclear weapons in an otherwise-conventional war if they “could create conditions for decisive results and the restoration of strategic stability.”

“Employment of nuclear weapons can radically alter or accelerate the course of a campaign,” the military leaders argued. “A nuclear weapon could be brought into the campaign as a result of perceived failure in a conventional campaign, potential loss of control or regime, or to escalate the conflict to sue for peace on more-favourable terms. The potential consequences of using nuclear weapons will greatly influence military operations and vastly increase the complexity of the operational environment.”

Chasing the Nuclear Triad

“The complete development of a nuclear triad – nuclear weapon launch capabilities from sea, land and air – is necessary for China as the US’ strategic weapons are a threat to China, and China needs to continuously upgrade its nuclear arsenal,” the Global Times paraphrased Chinese military expert Song Zhongping as saying.

An oblique image of China’s Xian H-6N bomber carrying an air-launched ballistic missile (ALBM) in “Modern Ships” magazine

The ability to guarantee a nuclear response strike by land, air and sea is held by only a handful of nations: the US, Russia and India. However, in recent years China has made headway toward the achievement, which promises an effective deterrent to an attempted nuclear decapitation strike.

On the one hand, the modification of a DF-15 ballistic missile into an air-launched version capable of being fired by a Xi’an H-6N bomber would give Beijing a third – if unconventional – method of nuclear reach. However, a more typical air delivery could also come via the H-20 stealth bomber, which Sputnik reported could debut at the Zhuhai Air Show later this year. China already possesses submarine-launched ballistic missiles and land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles, the other two arms of the triad.


There has never been a more important time to invoke the ANZAC characteristic of mateship. I wish to encourage you all to stay in touch with each other and look after their mates during this time of isolation.

Calling or texting is an easy way to check-in with your mates’ and family, or why not try a video chat using Zoom, Facebook Messenger or Skype.


The ABC will broadcast Nationally the Anzac Day service at 5:30 am AEST on the 25th April,  Anzac Day, with Television coverage beginning at 5:00 am. It will be a private service, not open to the public, and televised from the Great Hall at the Australian War Memorial.

States with later time differences (WA, SA etc) the coverage will be delayed to their time.

The President of the RSL has asked all RSL’s throughout Australia not to commence their private Anzac Day services, or drive-way individual services until 6:00 am AEST to allow the public to watch the War Memorial Service at 5:30 am AEST. There will be no public memorial services.

Strong support is evident for driveway observance of ANZAC Day with Australians to asked to stand on their driveways or balconies at 6:00 am to observe a two-minute silence in remembrance.

Wreaths will be laid at Gallipoli and in France.

At 11.30 am (AEST) on Anzac Day, all radio stations will stop for a two-minute silence to remember our departed. This will equate to 4.30 am Turkey time, the time of the Gallipoli landings.

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ADF Afghanistan Inquiry

ADF Afghanistan Inquiry

By Peter Condon – Southport QLD 4215 (Retired RAAF Officer)

The Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force (IGADF) is conducting an Inquiry into rumours of possible breaches of the Laws of Armed Conflict by members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) in Afghanistan, between 2005 and 2016.

To do this inquiry, the IGADF has placed notices in local Afghani newspapers seeking evidence of possible breaches of the laws of armed conflict by Australian servicemen while on operations in a war zone. What an incredible ask. What kind of un-Australian legal professional suggested this approach. Basically, they are asking the enemy to list their complaints into Aussie behaviour while on patrols-no doubt the Afghanis are expecting some monetary compensation. I find the IGADF approach positively appalling.

Being a retired serviceman who served as a Forward Air Controller in Vietnam, where I heard of Viet Cong atrocities against local village leaders and others, I know that usual standards deteriorate when on the battlefield. One cannot suppress the emotion of hate for an enemy combatant when one sees the enemy soldier cut a mate’s throat. Do you kill that enemy soldier or take him as a prisoner during the hectic battle in progress? If arresting him may cause you to be killed, you kill him. All readers will have experienced the hate that I’m trying to describe when they viewed videos of recent Islamic State atrocities such as the cutting off of a defenceless prisoner’s head with a knife and the burning alive of captives in a cage-and that was not while under extreme pressure on the battlefield. The current enemies who we are fighting have no rules.

Changes were made to the Military Justice System in 1985 where the purpose of the Defence Force Discipline Act (DFDA) is to maintain and enforce military discipline. It applies to all Australian Defence Force members in times of peace and war and includes offences that are uniquely military and other offences that occur in a military environment. However, having legal professionals, or anybody else without battlefield experience making decisions on a soldier’s behaviour on the battlefield is just not appropriate. They don’t understand the complex emotions involved in battle. I often heard the fear in the voices of the infantrymen under attack when they asked me for help. Prior to 1985, Commanding Officers in a combat zone heard charges against their subordinates, and understanding the environment in which the offence occurred, made a decision to punish the offender or not. More serious charges were heard by a Courts Martial panel comprised of senior war experienced officers. The decision was not handed to higher headquarters in Australia years later where the legal teams have no clues other than what is written in a book of law. Peacetime experiences cannot be compared.

Some time ago I researched Charles Bean’s writing on the Gallipoli landing in 1915 and I thought I should include a couple of quotes here for the members of the IGADF team. When the Aussie soldiers were rushing up the side of Ari Burnu Knoll only minutes after landing in their small boats, an Australian soldier captured a Turk soldier with his bayonet because his rifle was still full of sand. “Prisoner here” he shouted. “Shoot the bastard” was all he heard from his mates scrambling up the hill. The men had been constantly warned that Turks mutilated men whom they captured or found wounded; but in this case, the Turk soldier was escorted down to the beach. War is a dirty business.


Soon after the Turk was spared, some Turks who had caused havoc on one of the landing boats at close range below the Knoll ran from their trench hoping to escape along Shrapnel Gully, but they were chased and caught. “As the Australians got among them, the Turks threw down their rifles; but they were too many to capture, and they were consequently shot.” These two incidents happened in the first 60 minutes after landing so any reader should get an appreciation of what probably went on for the remainder of the first day-let alone the whole war. Hate in war is normal. In fact, if you want to win the war, hate is expected.

The Afghanistan Inquiry called by the Inspector General of the Australian Defence Force is a most un-Australian move. May I suggest that the Australian Government steps in and stops this extraordinary hearing. To me, it is downright disgusting for the Australian Defence Force to be investigating battlefield actions of our soldiers years after the events supposedly took place. Are they going to go back and examine all of the WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam actions too? Yes, there were more. Remember, besides hate on the battlefield there is plenty of fear there too; combine the two and you get some pretty unpredictable soldiers. Unfortunately, the inquiry lawyers would not have experienced those battlefield emotions. Let’s hope the judges have front line experience or at least can suggest to the government that the inquiry be abandoned because their task involves more than the written law, and they are not qualified to judge.

A shameful episode in the governance of the Australian Defence Force.

Peter Condon,

Southport QLD 4215 (Retired RAAF Officer)

Peter Condon

U2605 / 4 Como Crescent Southport QLD 4215

[email protected]

0402 073 464



THE Government is doing everything it can to protect our nation from the health and economic impacts of this global health issue, including veterans and their families.

Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Darren Chester said veterans and their families will benefit from the Government’s commitment of $2.4 billion to bolster the nation’s health system in response to COVID-19 as this situation evolves.

“The health package allows older and at-risk veterans to access some health consultations and assessments remotely, via video or phone where video is not available,” Mr Chester said.

“In the event veterans are in home isolation or from a vulnerable patient group, they will also be able to have their Repatriation Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (RPBS) prescriptions filled online or remotely and have their medication delivered directly to their home.

“This ensures vulnerable veterans can access the health care they need while limiting the risk of exposure.

“Veterans in residential or home care will be supported by the Government’s commitment of over $100 million to upskill and increase the numbers of aged care staff and nurses.”

In addition, more than 225,000 veterans and their dependants will benefit from the $17.6 billion stimulus package announced by the Government yesterday.

“Many of our veterans receive benefits through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) and the stimulus package announced by the Prime Minister and Treasurer will support our veteran community through this challenging time,” Mr Chester said.

“Those veterans or dependants who receive income support or compensation benefits through DVA as listed below and who are currently residing in Australia, will receive the one-off payment of $750.

“The payment will be automatically paid into bank accounts and will come from DVA or Services Australia, however, recipients are encouraged to confirm their bank details are current and up-to-date by calling DVA on 1800 555 254.

“The Government is committed to putting veterans and their families first, particularly with regards to the health and economic impacts of this global health issue.”

Payments will be made to the following groups from 31 March 2020, with the majority of payments to be made by 17 April 2020. Recipients of:

  • Service Pension
  • Income Support Supplement
  • Age Pension and Wife Pension paid by DVA
  • DVA Commonwealth Seniors Health Card holders
  • Disability Pension
  • War Widow(er)’s Pension
  • Wholly Dependent Partner payment
  • Special Rate Disability Pension
  • Permanent Impairment compensation under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004
  • Permanent Impairment compensation under the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation (Defence-related Claims) Act 1988
  • Veteran Payment
  • Gold Card holders

There will be one payment per eligible recipient, which will be tax free and will not count as income for Social Security, Farm Household Allowance and Veteran payments.

In addition to the stimulus and health packages, more than 30,000 veterans and their families will benefit from cuts to deeming rates as announced by the Minister for Families and Social Services, Senator the Hon Anne Ruston, which will start flowing through to bank accounts from 1 May 2020.

Further information on the Government’s COVID-19 health commitment can be found at

Search for Army Officers

The Army Officer Cadet School at Portsea is trying to track down all of the 3544 officers who graduated across 67 classes from 1952 – 1985. Many of those surviving graduates are now scattered across Australia and overseas and have lost contact with old classmates and friends. Which is why there’s now a website at www.ocsportsea.or/.  Click on class lists to find your name plus any photos and videos, the web team have been able to find.

1RAR Association Welcome Letter from President Jim Master, OAM

Welcome Letter from President Jim Master, OAM

Dear 1 RAR Veterans,

1 RAR, in conjunction with the 1 RAR Association is planning to mark the 75th Anniversary of the formation of the Battalion during the period 14-17 Oct 20. All those who served with the Battalion in peace and war are invited. This includes wives, partners and descendants of 1RAR veterans.

The CO and RSM and all ranks of 1RAR are keen to turn on a traditional 1RAR Reunion for such a significant anniversary. This year makes it especially significant with a combined parade of the three foundation battalions of The Royal Australian Regiment. The number of times this has occurred in the last 75 years can be counted on one hand!

The main effort is celebrating the Birthday of the Battalion.

Key aspects for the reunion are:

  • The 1st Tour South Vietnam Memorial will have been relocated to Coral Lines, and restoration work carried out, prior to October and a re-dedication service will be held. The memorial will be placed alongside the 2nd Tour South Vietnam Memorial. This service will be of great significance to our South Vietnam 1st Tour Veterans and as many of us as possible should attend this to honour their service and sacrifice.
  • It happens to be the 20th anniversary of the 1RAR Group deploying to East Timor. 1 RAR-75 will be a great opportunity for those veterans to get together and catch up at the 1 RAR-75 Dinner at the Ville, or have a get together on one of the nights that there is no planned activity (Friday or Saturday night)
  • It is also 10 years since 1RAR (Mentoring and Reconstruction Task Force (MRTF) – 2) returned from Afghanistan. 1RAR- 75 will be an ideal occasion for those veterans to catch up too.

Present estimate of the cost is:

  • $20 for registration for all events, other than the Thursday evening 1RAR Association Function at The Ville Resort and Casino
  • + $30 if you would also like to use the busses for movement to Lavarack Barracks and back (see bus stops here before selecting your hotel if you want to use the busses)
  • + $70 for the big 1RAR Association Function at The Ville Resort and Casino on Thursday night
  • = Or if your all-in for the week will cost $120. We’ll aim to keep costs as low as possible. If we can secure a grant from DVA the $120 will come down.

Registration is essential as we have events inside Lavarack Barracks or there is a cost for busses or some catering, or all three! Details of when registration will commence will be notified on the 1RAR Association website. We’ll open registration after ANZAC Day.

The website is the only place you will get accurate information about 1RAR-75. The 1 RAR Facebook Page and the BB1 Facebook Page will provide links to our website for any updates. It would be worth rechecking at the end of each month leading up to October. We’ll highlight the key changes to note.

The 75th Anniversary of the formation of 1 RAR is a significant event for 1RAR, the 1RAR Association and all those who served with the Battalion in Peace and War. The Battalion and the Association are attempting to mark the significance of this in the most appropriated manner.

I hope many veterans and their partners can make it to Townsville. October is great weather and there is so much to see and do as Townsville grows every year. It would be worth making it a bit of holiday if you can.

Yours sincerely,
Jim Masters, OAM
1RAR Association

Stimulus payments to households to support growth

The Government will provide a one-off $750 payment to around 6.5 million social security, veteran and other income support recipients and eligible concession card holders.


To be eligible, you must be residing in Australia and be receiving one of the following payments or hold one of the following concession cards on 12 March 2020:

  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card holders
  • Veteran Service Pension; Veteran Income Support Supplement; Veteran Compensation payments, including lump sum payments; War Widow(er) Pension; and Veteran Payment.
  • Veteran Gold Card holders
  • Farm Household Allowance
  • Age Pension
  • Disability Support Pension
  • Carer Payment
  • Parenting Payment
  • Wife Pension
  • Widow B Pension
  • ABSTUDY (Living Allowance)
  • Austudy
  • Bereavement Allowance
  • Newstart Allowance
  • Youth Allowance
  • Partner Allowance
  • Sickness Allowance
  • Special Benefit
  • Widow Allowance
  • Family Tax Benefit, including Double Orphan Pension
  • Carer Allowance
  • Pensioner Concession Card holders


News Flash

The Australian will publish a news article re our claim for RCB Service Recognition in tomorrow newspaper Friday 28th February.(1)

Over the last two days we have been in discussions with their reporter Paul Maley and provided relevant material. We are not privy to the content of his news report.

As you all know, our endeavours have sought our Right to the Truth and our Right to Challenge the Government’s decision. Working within the Government’s grievance process with evidence from the Governments’ own documents (ex-secret and top secret in over 130 cases) we have been denied due process to engage in meetings with the Minister’s advisors let alone third party mediation.

Our requests for an independent of government judicial enquiry have been ignored
We have long sought the media’s interest to expose The Deception to the Australian public to influence the Government to appoint an independent of Government judicial enquiry. Hopefully, this Australian news report will.
We ask you to re-read our last RCB Update 5/2019: From Deception to Exposure – 2020 Action because it will form the basis for our follow up campaign to the Australian newspaper article with our own personal engagements with all MPS and Senators.
Thanks for your past patience and support. Stand ready for Campaign action.

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Yours Sincerely,

Ray Fulcher
RCB Service 1979
Chairman RCB Review Group
Date: 27 February 2020