5411378 CPL ANGUS MACKAY – 1 RAR Vietnam First Tour

Unfortunately, I have some sad news. 5411378 CPL Angus MACKAY who served in 1 RAR on their first tour of Vietnam passed away on Monday morning 8 March 2021. Angus lost his battle with cancer and passed away peacefully at his farmhouse in Nabawa, Chapman Valley, Western Australia.

Angus was a quiet man, a typical WA farmer and former soldier who was as hard as nails and who had a wicked sense of humour. Angus marched on ANZAC Days with the Northampton District Veterans and always attended the annual Northampton RSL Sub- Branch Dinner. Other than that, he rarely spoke of his army service except sometimes when having a few beers at the Northampton District Bowls Club, of which he was the Club Captain.

Angus will be sadly missed by all his mates here in Northampton, the Chapman Valley and no doubt around the country. He is survived by his wife Diane and three sons.

Funeral Details:

Thursday 18 March at 1230h

Service to be conducted at the Nabawa Community Hall

Followed by the burial at the Nabawa Cemetery

Wake to be held at the Northampton District Bowls Club after the burial service


5714954 Glen MOORE

Sadly I advise that 5714954 Glen MOORE passed away 10th  Mar 2021. Glen had served in SVN with the following Bns –  13-30 Nov 1967 with 2 RAR  then to 7 RAR 1 Dec 67 to 9 Apr 68 and finished with 1 RAR 10 Apr – 2 Jul 1968.  Thus he completed his time with 3 battalions – some feat.

ALAN F DORLING, 1, 2 & 3 RAR KOREA 1953–56

I regret to inform you of the passing and the funeral service of a Korea Veteran and a long member of QLD Korea Veterans Association: Alan F. Dorling, 1RAR, 2RAR and 3 RAR Korea 1953-1956.

Alan had a fall on 5th of March and was going to have a shoulder operation.
On the morning of 8th of March 2021 Alan passed on aged 91.

The Funeral Service for Alan:
11:00 AM Tuesday 16/03/2021
At the Parkview Chapel, Allambie Memorial,
129 Nerang-Broadbeach Road, Nerang QLD 4211

SASR , the bullshit that has fallen on those magnificent men.

In relation to the media / political assassination of Christian Porter and the defence of his innocence till proven guilty. This is disgraceful and utterly absurd, yet obviously now in Australia you are now found guilty in the court of public opinion and by far left wing biased politicians and media. He has been defended by Morrison and others and still the media and far left persist to crucify him.

So my point is I am finding it hard to come to terms with and I am bloody angry with the instant guilt and punishment that was and is being incurred on our Special Forces soldiers that without trial, civil and military even under the Defence Act have so far been somehow found guilty and have been made to show cause why they should remain in the Army.  They have lost pay, have been suspended from all duty, have been hung out to dry as war criminals, lost their good name and earned respect and yet have not faced any prosecution whatsoever. All this because of an agenda driven report by an incompetent Brereton of those in SASR and  the Commando Regiments who conducted operations against an insidious and fierce enemy in Afghanistan, who Australian politicians sent to fight on behalf of Australians. Where ludicrously and so bloody well incompetently based on evidence apparently garnered from Afghani’s via adds by our government in local Afghani newspapers. Does this not ring of stupidity and system failure ? Do Australians really think Afghanis will be honest and accurate in their tales of Australian atrocity’s and rampages of murder and rapine in our Army by the ruthless thugs of Australian Army ? Does Morrison and his PC wokists really take thinking Australians for mugs ?

 Because the whole contradiction here is that the same people defending Porter from the same persecution are the same people consigning our soldiers to guilt and punishment before they have even defended themselves in a court of law.

And this was started and announced before the Brereton garbage was released , namely by a holier than thou  Morrison who  obviously, with his hand up General Campbells behind,  who is beholden to his political master to say and do whatever he is told carried out the punishments I stated above  and of disbanding the  SASR 2 Sqn and the rest is now history .

 Is there someone able to take this up and get Morrison to pull his head in.

I was a respected and experienced veteran ( Veteran as in the real meaning, I have been on ops, not the peace time meaning of just having been in the ADF) serving Infantry soldier and later an  officer in the Regular Army for 30 years, I served in the Special Forces Organisation for nearly 10 years and have deployed on ops and training teams. And I will tell you now that the word is out, dont join our Army because what ever you do you will not be backed by our Government and population, because we are expendable as PC and political playthings to be abused as the politicians and the left have so successfully done and demonstrated in this case.

 And If I was a soldier I would pull the pin and get the hell out of this joke of an Army right now. Because quite frankly Australia has been white anted from the inside and is just not worth dying for. I could go on but I think you get the gist of my anger.

 Best Regards

 Mark Thorp


Sadly I inform you of the death of Russell John Grigg, late of Lorne NSW and past member of the Veteranweb Network. Russell passed away in the early hours of Saturday 27 Feb 2021 after a long battle with prostate cancer. He was a National Serviceman who served with 131 Div Loc Battery RACS.

A private funeral is planned to take place on Monday the 8th of March in the Chapel of Mark G. Hammond Funeral Services 59 Hastings River Drive, Port Macquarie 2444


THE first Psychiatric Assistance Dog trained by veterans, for veterans, has moved home with her veteran handler in Canberra.

The veteran founded not-for-profit specialist service, Integra Service Dogs Australia, helps veterans manage their post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and has delivered its first dog under the Federal Government’s Psychiatric Assistance Dog Program.

Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Darren Chester welcomed Belle to the ranks of these amazing assistance dogs who are helping change the lives of veterans and their families.

“Belle will be an amazing help to her veteran handler, Ben Jones,” Mr Chester said.

“The dogs provided through this program, like Belle, play an important role for veterans and their families living with PTSD as they are trained to the individual needs of their veteran and perform specific tasks to help them with their recovery and general wellbeing.”

As Belle and Mr Jones have completed their intensive training program and passed the Public Access Test, they will now spend each day together. The bond formed during Integra’s training program means that Belle has insight into Mr Jones’ condition and knows his unique triggers allowing him to reclaim his place in the community and rebuild his life.

“I have greatly appreciated the professionalism and support provided by Integra. They have worked closely with me to match me with a highly suitable and intelligent Labrador and developed us as a bonded team,” Mr Jones said.

Mr Chester said this was a life changing program for so many veterans managing PTSD as part of their ongoing mental health plan.

“These dogs have such a profound impact on the day-to-day lives of our veterans and it is so encouraging to hear the stories of success and of veterans overcoming challenges with their dogs by their sides,” Mr Chester said.

“Thank you for your service Ben. I wish you and Belle all the very best on your journey together.”

Integra joined three other organisations as a provider of psychiatric assistance dogs in early August 2020 and they have since supported veterans through the matching, placement and training of these amazing companions. Belle is the first of four Integra dogs to pass their Public Access Test and take up residency with their veteran handlers this month.

Twenty-one psychiatric assistance dogs have now passed their intensive training program across the four providers and are helping veterans every day, and an additional 89 dogs are in training across Australia.

Eligible veterans who have a diagnosis of PTSD can access the Psychiatric Assistance Dog program, by contacting the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA). Veterans currently accessing treatment for PTSD may wish to speak to their mental health professional to see if a psychiatric assistance dog would be a suitable adjunct to treatment. For more information, visit the Psychiatric Assistance Dog Program page on DVA’s website at www.dva.gov.au/dogs.

6410152 William (Bill) Cedric Sheean

It is with sincere sadness that I advise of the death of 6410152 William Cedric Sheean yesterday, 24/2/2021 at 9:03am. Bill served with C COY 1RAR during the first tour of Vietnam. Bill fought a mighty battle against cancer. He survived to see his uncle Ted Sheean awarded the Victoria Cross.

He will be missed from 1RAR & C COY gatherings, but always remembered.

Funeral Details:

Bill’s funeral will be held on the 5th March at 2:00pm at the Garden Lawn Cemetry  Maryborough Qld

Medals, please.

Soldiers probed for online posts

Soldiers probed for online posts


Sunday Telegraph


Veterans lash ADF

AUSTRALIAN Defence personnel claim they risk disciplinary action if they are caught following a popular veterans group on social media.

The Pineapple Express, which has more than 36,000 followers, says the ADF has already investigated up to 40 people, including officers, for liking, sharing and commenting on posts on its Instagram and Facebook pages.

One former officer told The Sunday Telegraph she was investigated and found to have tarnished the reputation of the ADF for her alleged affiliation with the page, which military personnel refer to as TPE.

Her findings read: “I do not see sufficient evidence to suggest you are an administrator of TPE; however there is sufficient evidence to suggest that you were definitely aware of who was the administrator and you failed to report behaviour that held significant reputation risk for the ADF and opposed Army values, thereby making you a bystander at best and a complicit enabler at worst.”

The Sunday Telegraph has seen many of the warning letters, including this message: “Gents — points from the CUB (Commander’s Update Brief): No one is to post to Pineapple Express — current investigation is ongoing.”

The Pineapple Express believes the end goal is to identify all administrators and have the page shut down.

One administrator said the ADF had “long exercised censorship over its members to avoid potential subversion of its authority and reputation”.

“Social media policies are expected in any organisation (but) the ADF is its own microcosm of society, ironically not unlike China, where enforcement of information control is achieved through disciplinary means such as search warrants, property seizure, and punishment,” the administrator, a serving member, said.

“The real irony is their belief that social media pages such as ours would cause the decentralisation and dissension of the military, when factually the demoralisation of its people is actually caused by their own archaic policies, poor management, and lack of prioritising.

“Instead of wasting taxpayers’ money on trying to silence our page, the ADF could have instead focused their efforts, and actually worked with us, to help tackle the very real issues that exist — not least of which is veteran suicide.”

In the latest attack on the page the Defence Social Media team took action this week to remove a TPE post, claiming a copyright breach. The post showed an army powerpoint presentation appearing to be teaching troops how to report offending posts from TPE.

A follow-up post about the copyright complaint attracted hundreds of comments, such as “while some veterans are homeless, this bloke in Canberra is monitoring FB posts”.

The Pineapple Express is a veteran community page that began with satirical social media posts but has grown into a mechanism for mental health support and advocacy for veterans and currently serving ADF personnel. Defence was contacted for comment.


1732984 Barry Norman Ireland

Barry serviced in Vietnam with 9 RAR. He was in Support Company as a dog handler/ RP and went over on HMAS Sydney. He discharged from the army in April 69 and about 12 months later joined the RAAF as a dog handler and served for 31 years
He left the RAAF in 2002 with the rank of Warrant Officer and he and his wife built a house on a small acreage plot in Ferndale, a small town near (Ipswich on the Brisbane Valley Highway).
Barry had been ill for some time but was stoic till the end.
He was very proud of his service to the Army and RAAF.