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M113 replacement choice under threat – ?

PHOTO: Rheinmetall’s KF41 Lynx, left, and Hanwha’s Redback, dwarf the M113 APC one of them will(?) replace. Defence image. The decision […]

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Rally 'round the banner of your country, take the field with brothers o'er the foam....

Every so often when he tires of such mundane matters as the increasing man-eating crocodile threat, far-north Queensland’s political pundit […]

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The RAN Fleet Air Arm - Ashore in Vietnam

CLICK LINK The RAN Fleet Air Arm – Ashore in Vietnam | Royal Australian Navy

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The 106 Field Workshop in Vietnam

Units of the Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (RAEME) have served Australia well in many conflicts and Vietnam was […]

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U.S. Veteran Describes Being Prisoner of War in Vietnam

During the Vietnam War many United States soldiers were captured and held as prisoners of war (POW). Many soldiers reported […]

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